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News from the Projects


Sustainable transportation drives significant environmental
and business benefits, SToP analysis determines
The Sustainable Transport of People (SToP) project has been finalized, and the final report is ready.

The WWF-IKEA project team developed a global SToP strategy and a supporting set of tools and communications strategies to enable IKEA to be a trendsetting retailer in the area of sustainable transport of customers and coworkers. The project considered a wide variety of leverage points to reduce emissions from people transportation including promoting mass transportation, vehicle efficiency, home shopping and incorporating climate considerations when locating new stores.

The potential business benefits are numerous, including:  increased accessibility to potential customers, more credibility as a sustainable company, reduced risk of lost business due to high fuel prices and improved shopping experience for customers.

Several tools and models were developed to support the implementation of the Global SToP Strategy in IKEA Stores and within groups like IKEA Property. These tools, which were identified as key to implementation, include a transportation emissions model for Stores, a model for evaluating mass transit opportunities, a guide for working with local partners to improve store accessibility, and communications materials. 

Whereas carbon emissions related to people transportation were estimated at 2 million tonnes in 2009, the project shows that, given projected business growth, successful implementation of the proposed global SToP strategy could result in absolute carbon emission reductions of approximately 10% or 200,000 tonnes per year by 2014 and 29% or 580,000 tonnes per year by 2019.  

Stefano Brown, SToP project leader from IKEA, presented the SToP concept at a well-attended panel session at the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) conference in New York in November 2010.

As a continuation of this project, Sheri Willoughby, SToP project leader from WWF, is doing an 8-week secondment at IKEA to support SToP strategy implementation in the IKEA organization, especially in IKEA Stores worldwide. 

WWF and IKEA seek to use the knowledge gained from this project to inspire and guide other retailers to provide more sustainable transportations choices for their customers and coworkers.