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Dear all,

First of all, we would like to welcome new readers, especially readers outside the WWF IKEA network. Together, WWF and IKEA would like to inspire other companies and networks to address environmental challenges and make people’s lives more sustainable at home. With this letter we want to share good news and results from our partnership projects as one step among others to support market transformation.

WWF and IKEA started cooperating in 2002 and now work together in 15 countries around the world to promote responsible and sustainable use of resources. The partnership focuses on three areas; climate change, cotton and forest.

By working together - we accomplish more!


News from the Partnership

Getting ready for a fourth phase in the partnership
WWF and IKEA are preparing the fourth three-year agreement phase of the partnership since the start in 2002. A decision has already been taken to extend the forest cooperation from 7 to 13 projects, starting in July 2011. We will also continue with our joint cotton and climate project.

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IKEA joins call for 30 percent
emissions reduction
IKEA has decided to support the Joint Business Declaration, an EU business call for 30 percent greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2020 founded by The Climate Group, University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability and WWF Climate Savers.

The Joint Business Declaration is supported by Stop Climate Chaos, a climate change coalition of primarily environmental and international development NGOs. The decision to support this call signals that IKEA wants to collaborate and help achieve an exciting, affordable low carbon society.

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Global and National Campaigns

WWF Living Forests Campaign - Chapter one
In our previous newsletter, we reported on the launch of WWF Living Forests Campaign. This campaign’s central activity is the production of a Living Forests report, released chapter by chapter throughout the year. The chapters will be presented in different formats; from traditional printed reports to more in-depth or interactive online content, videos and new media.

Read Chapter one (PDF)

Success for IKEA Belgium’s
Earth Hour campaign
For the third consecutive year, IKEA Belgium ran a four week campaign leading up to Earth Hour on March 26 to support WWF.

For each pack of energy-saving bulbs sold, IKEA donated €0.25 to WWF Belgium, with a total of €50 000 donated as a result of the campaign.

This Year 25 IKEA markets joined Earth Hour and in 18 of those countries IKEA and WWF had joint activities.

IKEA Denmark kick-starts
partnership with plant campaign
The national partnership between IKEA and WWF in Denmark – focusing on forestry – may only be in its early stages but has already had a flying start.

During February, March and April IKEA ran an in-store campaign to raise customers’ awareness about the partnership and donated 1 DKR (around €0.15) to WWF Denmark for every sold green plant.


IKEA Italy encourages safe
recycling of energy-saving bulbs
In Italy, WWF and IKEA work together with the Ecolight consortium (RAEE) on an initiative to collect used energy-saving bulbs for safe and proper recycling, as they contain small amounts of mercury.

Customers in all 18 Italian IKEA stores can get a special box, the “Bulb Box” to bring home and use for exhausted energy-saving bulbs. For every box that is brought back to the stores for recycling by Ecolight, IKEA Italy donates €1 to WWF Italy.

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News From the Global Projects

 COTTON:   Workshop to
cooperate on Decent Work in Pakistan
A workshop based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) programme “Decent Work” was conducted under the Better Cotton Initiative at the WWF Pakistan office in Lahore in March.

The aim was to find synergies between cotton projects run in the same areas by several organisations, such as UNICEF, Save the Children Pakistan and the Better Cotton Initiative.

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 COTTON:   Pakistan named
‘Pioneer Better Cotton Country’
The first certified Better Cotton bales were produced and harvested in Pakistan this past season, and The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has now named Pakistan a ‘Pioneer Better Cotton Country’.

This honour follows a successful programme named the Better Cotton Fast Track Program (BCFTP), developing healthier farming communities and improved economics by introducing more environmentally adapted agricultural practices according to criteria developed by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). As a result, the project farmers in Pakistan produced almost 63,000 tonnes of Better Cotton.
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 CLIMATE:   IKEA collects plastic furniture
as part of the Closing the loops project
IKEA customers and the general public were invited to return discarded plastic furniture to the Malmö and Helsingborg stores in Sweden during April. More than one tonne of plastic furniture was ‘donated’ and will now be part of an important test in the Closing the loops project to provide insights on recycling.

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Parliament building in Warsaw

 CLIMATE:   Suppliers project
supports new energy efficiency law in Poland
The Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers project in Poland is helping IKEA suppliers understand and take advantage of a new law on energy efficiency, passed by the Polish government in June.

The government is introducing ‘white certificates’, an instrument encouraging energy efficiency improvements, and the project team has developed a factsheet to support suppliers.

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 CLIMATE:   Learning more about
the IKEA FOOD range from a climate perspective
IKEA and WWF UK are working together with long term ideas and plans for a more climate-adapted IKEA FOOD business. The UK consultancy firm ADAS, supported by Sheffield Hallam University, has been commissioned to identify an IKEA Food Range for 2020 with a low carbon, sustainable perspective. This will help IKEA understand what its food range will consist of in a low carbon future. A project report is due in September-October.

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 CLIMATE:   Increasing awareness
through the Sustainable life at home project
The Sustainable Life at Home project is in full swing, planning and implementing different actions with the purpose to increase sustainable awareness among IKEA co-workers and customers. A film is now being produced in Sweden and China with the aim to inspire and educate IKEA co-workers on what sustainability means, and how to live a more sustainable life at home.

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 FOREST:   Forest and habitat mapping in Siberia
contributes to protection agreement
Four years of hard work with maps and data on High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) and Woodland Key Habitats (WKH) in Siberia has started to give significant results. Using the material produced by WWF Russia, local environmental NGOs have convinced a key forestry company in the Irkutsk region to protect large areas of undisturbed forests. It will be the first agreement in Siberia of its kind.

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 FOREST:   Keen interest in WWF China workshop on timber legality
In May, 37 IKEA suppliers and 17 IKEA co-workers attended a WWF workshop in Qingdao, China on timber legality compliance in practice. The aim was to clarify theoretical and practical hot-spots for Chinese wood companies with the help of Chinese and Russian experts.

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 FOREST:   IKEA WWF textbook used to teach sustainable forestry throughout Russia.
A textbook on sustainable forest management, developed in 2009 by WWF Russia with support from IKEA, has now become the basis for university level forestry education throughout Russia.

The “Sustainable Forest Management” textbook was officially approved by the Ministry of Education and recognised by the forest community as an innovative and practical publication to form ecologically oriented, economically viable and socially responsible new forest sector practitioners.

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 FOREST:   One quarter of leased
forests in Russia is now FSC certified
The IKEA and WWF cooperation to support Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in Russia has contributed to the rapid increase of responsibly managed forest areas.

Since the start of FSC certification in Russia in 2000, certified areas have reached 31 million hectares, about 25% of all leased forests in the country.

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National Partnerships

Co-workers from IKEA France won a trip to Romania to see projects
In May, IKEA France organised a quiz on sustainability for all co-workers and four of them were the lucky winners of a five-day trip to Romania to visit projects run by UNICEF and WWF.

“We all learned a lot, and I am sure that these fortunate IKEA co-workers will be great ambassadors for the forests, certification and of course Romania,” says Nathalie Solvet, Partnerships Corporate Officer, WWF France.

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