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News From the Global Projects

 COTTON:   Workshop to
cooperate on Decent Work in Pakistan
A workshop based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) programme “Decent Work” was conducted under the Better Cotton Initiative at the WWF Pakistan office in Lahore in March.

The aim was to find synergies between cotton projects run in the same areas by several organisations, such as UNICEF, Save the Children Pakistan and the Better Cotton Initiative.

The representatives spoke of the work done with IKEA on promoting children's rights in cotton farming areas. Major contributing factors to child labour in Pakistan were discussed, as well as challenges in terms of changes in government structure and the consequences of the past season’s floods and heavy rains.

The participating organisations will meet every six months to share updates on activities and develop collaborative plans. It was agreed that participating organisations will collaborate through the exchange of expert services.

Furthermore, a joint advocacy for the cotton farming sector will be established. The aim is to make various protective policies and conventions applicable to the agriculture sector, to keep Government updated on project progress and to converge with Government support.