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Parliament building in Warsaw

 CLIMATE:   Suppliers project
supports new energy efficiency law in Poland
The Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers project in Poland is helping IKEA suppliers understand and take advantage of a new law on energy efficiency, passed by the Polish government in June.

The government is introducing ‘white certificates’, an instrument encouraging energy efficiency improvements, and the project team has developed a factsheet to support suppliers.

The new legislation was developed by a parliamentarian working group, and WWF was represented in one of its sub-committees through Wojciech Stepniewski, the WWF project leader for the joint IKEA and WWF Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers project in Poland.

White certificates are tradeable documents certifying that a certain reduction of energy consumption has been attained, and can be awarded to companies to help finance energy efficiency projects. The factsheet – produced by the project team and currently being tested by select suppliers – will help suppliers in Poland understand the new government incentives available for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and how to apply for those incentives.

The Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers project runs in Poland and China until the end of 2011, and aims to find ways to develop a carbon neutral or even a climate positive supply chain. In Step 1 of the project, the project explored climate positive opportunities at individual IKEA suppliers. A range of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy opportunities were identified and, in some cases, implemented at supplier sites. A number of barriers preventing suppliers from seizing low carbon or climate positive opportunities were also identified. In Step 2, these barriers have been analysed, and the project is now implementing strategies to overcome them where possible.
“Given that ‘awareness’ and ‘financial support’ were identified as barriers to suppliers pursuing projects to reduce their carbon footprint, we are encouraged by the progress on the Polish policy front. We now hope that our information to suppliers will promote greater uptake of energy- and carbon-reducing projects,” says Maja Dahlgren, the IKEA project leader in Poland.