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News From the Global Projects

 CLIMATE:   Increasing awareness
through the Sustainable life at home project
The Sustainable Life at Home project is in full swing, planning and implementing different actions with the purpose to increase sustainable awareness among IKEA co-workers and customers. A film is now being produced in Sweden and China with the aim to inspire and educate IKEA co-workers on what sustainability means, and how to live a more sustainable life at home.

The film provides tips and recommendations on how to cook, wash and light your home for more sustainable everyday living. It also shows how IKEA gained insights about customers’ needs and challenges, and how solutions have been presented in pilot stores in Sweden and China. The film will be launched internally at IKEA in September 2011 before evaluating the possibility to present parts of it to IKEA customers.

Also, our pilot markets IKEA Sweden and IKEA China are both preparing actions for the autumn. The intention is to test communication solutions, tools and methods that can inspire customers to change behaviour and help IKEA measure the effect.