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News From the Global Projects

 FOREST:   Forest and habitat mapping in Siberia
contributes to protection agreement
Four years of hard work with maps and data on High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) and Woodland Key Habitats (WKH) in Siberia has started to give significant results. Using the material produced by WWF Russia, local environmental NGOs have convinced a key forestry company in the Irkutsk region to protect large areas of undisturbed forests. It will be the first agreement in Siberia of its kind.

WWF Russia started mapping sensitive forests and in 2006 with support from IKEA, at a time when very few HCVF maps, scarce regional interpretations of the concept itself, and no guides existed. In addition to the extensive mapping made available on web, an illustrated Field Guide on Woodland Key Habitats for the Irkutsk region has been developed to help FSC-certified companies with biodiversity protection during logging operations.

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