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News from the Partnership

New resources joining the Partnership
Several new resources are taking up key Partnership positions at both IKEA and WWF.

Olivia Ross joins IKEA in mid-October to become Sustainability Communications Manager. She is currently the Communications Director for the Clinton Climate Initiative, a programme of the non-profit William J. Clinton Foundation. Olivia will lead the development and implementation of the IKEA Group's sustainability communications strategy.

Greg Priest becomes new Partnership Coordinator at IKEA as Olle Blidholm recently left the company. He will also be a new member of the Cotton Steering Group. Greg has 16 years of experience with IKEA, most recently as IWAY Compliance Manager and acting Sustainability Manager before Steve Howard joined IKEA in January 2011.

A new Partnership Manager at WWF Sweden will be recruited to replace Anita Falkenek, who is leaving the organisation in late October.

News from the Global Partnership Projects

 CLIMATE:   Study points the way towards more climate adapted food
A report by UK consultant ADAS and Sheffield Hallam University on how more climate-adapted food operations can be developed will soon be released. The conclusion of the study, commissioned by IKEA and WWF, is that the food business needs sustainable production systems, new technology and changed consumption patterns in order to be sustainable in 2020 and beyond.

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 CLIMATE:   Major retailers learn from webinar about sustainable transport of people
The Partnership climate project "Sustainable Transport of People" was officially closed after three years at the end of 2010, but the ambition to spread understanding and know-how is still high.

In September, a webinar hosted by the US Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) drew more than twenty participants including several top retail chains.

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 FOREST:   Rattan forests in Laos - the world's first to be FSC-certified
For the first time ever, rattan forests have been certified as responsibly managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Some 1,200 hectares of rattan forests in four villages in the Bolikhamxay province in Laos are now FSC certified thanks to a WWF project supported by IKEA since 2006.

Rattan is a palm relying on other vegetation to grow in the forest. Overharvesting and land conversion is causing a rapid decline of natural rattan.

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© Delphine Joseph

 FOREST:   New projects in Indonesia
to support responsible forest management
In July, IKEA and WWF joined forces to support responsible forest management in Indonesia. The goals for the two new projects in Indonesia are to improve national policy and legality of the rattan supply chain and to ensure that the wood supply to IKEA comes from credibly certified plantation sources.

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 FOREST:   New project in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support forest certification
WWF and IKEA have started working together in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support forest certification and responsible forest management contributing to biodiversity and landscape protection.

The first step in the project is to analyse the main barriers to the certification process before solutions can be developed and implemented.

The wood processing industry is one of the most important export industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a republic with three ethnic groups faced with economic stagnation due to complex administration.

 FOREST:  GFTN celebrates 20 years and calls for increased efforts
The Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) has launched a call to the entire forest-related sector to redouble the efforts to end illegal logging, and make responsible forest management and trade the market standard around the globe before the end of the next decade. The call was made at the celebration of the GFTN's 20th anniversary in London on September 26.

Over the past 20 years, the GFTN has seen significant results and now boasts 272 companies from over 30 countries, including IKEA. Collectively, members trade an estimated 18% of the global supply of forest products by value, and manage 21.5 million hectares of FSC certified forests.

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COTTON:   Cotton Partnership projects to enter a fourth phase
Plans are being finalised for IKEA to continue to work with WWF in cotton projects in India and Pakistan for another three years. This fourth phase aims at taking the work started in 2005 to the next level, enabling more and more farmers to adopt more sustainable cotton farming practices and meet the Better Cotton criteria.

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 COTTON:   BCI validates system
to identify Better Cotton farmers
An important aspect of Better Cotton is to make sure that farmers fulfil the criteria set up by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and that this verification can be made with a reliable system. This is why the Better Cotton Initiative have conducted third-party verification surveys in Pakistan to get neutral and unbiased opinions about implementation of the Better Cotton system at farm level.

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National Partnerships

© National Geographic Stock/ Jason Edwards / WWF

Business partnership to encourage
more renewable energy use in Japan
WWF Japan has launched a new business partnership that urges the Japanese government to adopt more renewable energy into the country's power mix to help increase energy security and reduce the impact of climate change on future generations.

The business partnership is endorsed by IKEA and outdoor clothing and equipment retailer MontBell.

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Global and National Campaigns

IKEA Norway invites children to collect aluminium tea light holders
IKEA Norway and WWF have started a competition for school children in grade 1-4. The purpose is to teach them about the value of recycling and sustainable use of natural resources. From October 1, 2011, until March 31, 2012, children are invited to collect aluminium tea light holders and bring them to recycle bins or to IKEA stores. The metal will be recycled by Hydro, a global aluminium supplier based in Norway.

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The WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership

You can read more about the WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership on www.panda.org/ikea

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