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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 CLIMATE:   Study points the way towards more climate adapted food
A report by UK consultant ADAS and Sheffield Hallam University on how more climate-adapted food operations can be developed will soon be released. The conclusion of the study, commissioned by IKEA and WWF, is that the food business needs sustainable production systems, new technology and changed consumption patterns in order to be sustainable in 2020 and beyond.

The study analysed various scenarios of the future and what it would take for IKEA FOOD to become more sustainable. It shows that business as usual is not an option, and that higher value systems such as organic and locally sourced products alone will not be sufficient to feed the planet. We need to embrace a variety of solutions and new technology as well as new eating habits with more fruit and vegetables and less meat.

The study gives us great insight and helps us take the right steps towards sustainable food at IKEA,” says Anders Lennartsson, head of Sustainability at IKEA FOOD.