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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 CLIMATE:   Major retailers learn from webinar about sustainable transport of people
The Partnership climate project “Sustainable Transport of People” was officially closed after three years at the end of 2010, but the ambition to spread understanding and know-how is still high.

In September, a webinar hosted by the US Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) drew more than twenty participants including several top retail chains.

In addition to retailers, the webinar was also attended by several service providers and other influential organisations. The webinar was led by Lisa Davis, Social and Environmental Affairs Manager IKEA US, and Sheri Willoughby, Corporate Project Leader at WWF.

While customer transportation is not traditionally viewed as the responsibility of retailers, the project aimed to address numerous environmental and business drivers to take action in this area. The purpose of the webinar was to provide inspiration and some general guidance to help other retailers develop strategies to reduce their people transport footprint.

In the webinar, Lisa Davis and Sheri Willoughby described their efforts to gather data, analyse opportunities, and proposed a strategy to address a wide variety of leverage points to reduce emissions from people transportation. Opportunities include promoting mass transportation, improving vehicle efficiency, increasing home shopping, and incorporating climate considerations when locating new stores. They also presented the project toolkit that helps retailers start to implementing some of these measures.

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