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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 FOREST:  GFTN celebrates 20 years and calls for increased efforts
The Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) has launched a call to the entire forest-related sector to redouble the efforts to end illegal logging, and make responsible forest management and trade the market standard around the globe before the end of the next decade. The call was made at the celebration of the GFTN’s 20th anniversary in London on September 26.

Over the past 20 years, the GFTN has seen significant results and now boasts 272 companies from over 30 countries, including IKEA. Collectively, members trade an estimated 18% of the global supply of forest products by value, and manage 21.5 million hectares of FSC certified forests.

GFTN’s stepwise approach to help companies move towards forest certification, transparent supply chains and responsible procurement of forest products has been spread across the global forestry and forest product sectors.

Two decades ago, concepts such as traceability, verification, chain of custody and due diligence were mere theory. In helping to define and implement these concepts, GFTN has played an important role in transforming the global market towards one that values environmental and social responsibility. Yet there are still big challenges and much more to do.

“There is no time to lose. We ask our partners to redouble their commitments, and other forest businesses and governments to join this vision and spread responsible forest management and trade to markets and governance systems around the globe.” says George White, Head of GFTN.

"IKEA aims to source all wood from responsibly managed forests. It is a long term prerequisite for our business as wood is our most important raw material. A global breakthrough in responsible forest management can only be achieved if business, governments and NGOs work together. The GFTN provides a platform for this kind of cooperation. It has the strength and courage to engage also in areas that are controversial, and the GFTN works systematically towards improvement. This is why IKEA is a member of the GFTN network and provides core funding to it", says Anders Hildeman, Global Forestry Manager at IKEA.

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