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National Partnerships

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Business partnership to encourage
more renewable energy use in Japan
WWF Japan has launched a new business partnership that urges the Japanese government to adopt more renewable energy into the country’s power mix to help increase energy security and reduce the impact of climate change on future generations.

The business partnership is endorsed by IKEA and outdoor clothing and equipment retailer MontBell.

The Business Partnership for Low-Carbon Society urges the nation to rethink its energy future and shift to a greener society where renewable energy plays a central role. Demands for a greener energy mix have peaked since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck north-eastern Japan in March 2011, seriously damaging the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

A recent WWF-backed communiqué on the Future of Energy in Japan outlines the need for all of society to conserve energy and push for the adoption of policies that will make the adoption of renewable energy technologies across Japan a reality. WWF Japan is also urging legislators to pass a bill that would promote renewable sources of power.

The nation’s energy policy also works as a climate policy. When developing a future energy vision, we need to place renewables at its centre by taking into account safety and sustainability as well as their potential to reduce the impacts of the climate change. It is significant that leading companies like IKEA also support this idea. It is important that this idea is also coming from the Japanese businesses sector at this time,” says Yosuke Ikehara, Climate and Energy Project Leader for WWF Japan.