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News from the Partnership                             Newsletter February 2012

New resources joining the Partnership
Several new resources are taking up key Partnership positions at both IKEA and WWF.

Marcus Albers recently joined WWF as Global Partnership Manager to take the WWF IKEA Partnership forward. Marcus has worked as an environmental consultant, helping different types of businesses with a range of environmental, quality and work-related services. He has also worked as an environmental manager at PC maker Dell for many years, and has great experience working with sustainability issues in an international environment. You can reach Marcus at marcus.albers@wwf.se

Ulrika Hvistendahl will be the new Partnership Communication Responsible at IKEA as of February 13, replacing Lisa Holmberg who is taking maternity leave. Ulrika has worked as Information Manager at IKEA Indirect Materials & Services (IMS) since 2006. Before that, she was responsible for an earlier corporate IKEA website (www.ikea-group.ikea.com) and project leader for various annual corporate publications, including the IKEA Sustainability Report. You can reach Ulrika at ulrika.hvistendahl@ikea.com


Don't miss the IKEA Sustainability Report 2011
The IKEA Sustainability Report describes the sustainability work carried out on a global level by the IKEA Group during financial year 2011 (September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011) and includes key performance indicators to show results against targets. The report supplement "The IKEA approach to sustainability - How we manage sustainability in our business" describes the Group's systematic work with sustainability. Both documents will be available on all IKEA country websites as of mid-February.

News from the Global Partnership Projects

 FOREST:  Bosnia and Herzegovina project to run until 2014
This forest project in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in July 2011 as a trial project. The trial period turned out very well and the project has now been decided to continue until 2014. The decision means that critical areas and values of forests can be maintained, and sustainable development in the country will be supported.

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Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

 FOREST:  Tough laws good for forests and responsible businesses 
In 2008, the US passed a ground-breaking amendment to the "Lacey Act", and the law banned commerce in illegally sourced plants and their products - including timber, wood, and paper products. As the Lacey Act applies to the legality of the wood, irrespectively of where  in the world it is harvested, it is of great importance to exporters of forest products to the US. Also, similar legislation will be introduced in the EU after 2012 and is being discussed in Australia, Switzerland and Japan. IKEA and WWF welcome such legislation, as it helps motivate and drive global improvements in forestry management and gives responsible exporters a competitive edge.

To read a fact sheet about the Lacey Act, click here

FOREST:  Contributing to Russian Forest Policy development
The Partnership has contributed to a government decision to develop a national Forestry Policy in Russia. WWF has made analysis on best forest policies development practices, opinion polls and developed recommendations that were used by the Federal Forest Agency (Rosleskhoz) and others to demonstrate the importance of a policy to senior government representatives. A nation-wide dialogue on forest policy is about to start, and WWF is now involved in its formulation.

 FOREST:  First FSC certified forest triggers interest and efforts
Interest and efforts to sustain natural rattan forests in South East Asia have increased since a WWF project produced the world's first FSC certified rattan forest in Laos last year. There are plans to expand FSC certification in Laos to another 24 villages and 20,000 hectares, and WWF Indonesia has started activities on Borneo to set up a sustainable rattan project here.

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COTTON: Farmers' own success stories from India's cotton fields
Changing the way conventional cotton is cultivated in India has had a major impact on the environment and farmers' lives. Farmers adopting new and innovative farming methods with the help of the WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership get better yields and better prices in the market. Here, three Indian cotton farmers share their success stories.

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Stephanie Berghaeuser

COTTON: Pakistan leads the way towards
Better Cotton
As the Partnership moves into phase 4, it's time to celebrate the outstanding results from seven years of cooperation in cotton farming areas in Pakistan. Many thousands of farmers are already producing Better Cotton and making it available on the international market.

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 CLIMATE:  Nine Swedish families to test "Sustainable life at home"
The joint climate project "Sustainable life at home" strives to inspire IKEA customers and co-workers to adopt sustainable everyday behaviours. The focus is on reducing energy and water consumption, and on minimising food and other household waste. Nine families in and around the Swedish city of Kalmar have now agreed to be guinea pigs, and help us develop ways to support a more sustainable life at home.

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 CLIMATE:   WWF China and IKEA host energy workshop for suppliers
Tackling energy efficiency to reduce suppliers' carbon footprint is a critical issue in China. The many small and medium sized enterprises account for roughly 35-45 percent of the country's energy use and 25-35 percent of carbon emissions, but policy makers struggle to promote low-carbon solutions to this important group of manufacturers. This is why IKEA and WWF China organised a successful workshop on energy efficiency in December as part of the "Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers" project.

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CLIMATE:  Innovation platform to reduce suppliers' carbon footprint
Significant opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency have been identified through the "Climate Positive Opportunities for Suppliers" project, and an "Innovation Platform" has been piloted to help IKEA suppliers speed up the adoption of new, sustainable energy technologies. This pilot involved a number of innovative climate entrepreneurs from around the world, specialised in developing low carbon technologies, with a particular focus on textile and plastic production.

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CLIMATE:  "Closing the loops" project selects prioritised materials
"Closing the loops" is a Partnership project that investigates aspects of full material recyclability with the aim to save natural resources, minimise CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on the environment by identifying new and innovative ways to turn waste into resources. Following field studies in Sweden and China, the project has now developed a model to access and evaluate recycled materials.

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National Partnerships

IKEA and WWF support Thailand's flood victims
The external IKEA franchise store in Bangkok and WWF Thailand have cooperated to bring much needed emergency relief to people living in the Nakorn Sawan area, which was first flooded in October 2011. WWF helped ensure that donated IKEA products, such as blankets and kitchenware, were delivered to one the of most severely affected provinces, where park rangers normally devoted to a WWF tiger conservation project could help affected.

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Apa Sherpa

IKEA Japan supports climate symposium, hears witnesses
A Climate Witness symposium was held in Tokyo and Osaka on November 8 and 10. It was an opportunity to learn how climate change is impacting the lives of three witnesses from Kenya, Mongolia and Nepal. The event, with more than 500 participants, was sponsored by IKEA Japan and jointly hosted by WWF Japan and one of the country's largest newspapers, Mainichi. Based on the success of this symposium, WWF Japan and IKEA Japan have now started discussing opportunities for other joint activities in 2012.

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Global and National Campaigns

Gearing up for Earth Hour 2012
Earth Hour 2012 is getting closer and several IKEA markets are getting ready with a variety of activities in the pipeline. This year's event - on Saturday, March 31 at 8.30 - is the sixth since the start Sydney in 2007, when two million people switched off their lights for one hour to show their support for environmentally sustainable action. Hundreds of millions of people in 135 countries and territories across every continent participated last year.

The concept for 2012 year's Earth Hour campaign is " I W i l l I f You W i l l " and centres around providing a social contract for two parties - connecting one person, business or organisation to a promise and their friends, family, customers or members to a challenge - uniting them behind the common goal of creating a positive environmental outcome.

Read about some examples of what IKEA and WWF are planning

WWF Netherlands gets thousands of new IKEA supporters
IKEA Netherlands has offered 5,000 co-workers a free one-year WWF membership, and so far more than 3,000 have signed up on-line. They'll receive the popular Panda magazine four times a year, and at the end of 2012 WWF Netherlands (WNF) will be in touch to ask for continued support.

The WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership

You can read more about the WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership on www.panda.org/ikea

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