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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 CLIMATE:  WWF China and IKEA host energy workshop for suppliers
The workshop on December 15-16 in Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province attracted 39 key participants from 15 IKEA suppliers, as well as IKEA co-workers. The focus was on energy efficiency challenges facing suppliers, and the agenda included topics such as energy statistics, emission reduction policies, as well as some basic technologies for energy efficiency improvement.

The workshop included presentations from:
• WWF Hong Kong on its Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme

• Sustainable Development Capital L.L.P on case studies of energy improvements

• Green World Low-Carbon Economy & Technology Centre on energy statistics, energy auditing and energy saving potential analysis for factories

• Energy System Analysis Centre, Energy Research Institute on the national and local policies and incentives relevant to suppliers in China

A visit to a glass supplier gave participants the opportunity to take part in an on-site exercise to demonstrate in groups what they had learned during the workshop.