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News from the Global Partnership Projects

CLIMATE:  Innovation platform to reduce suppliers' carbon footprint
A total of 42 innovation proposals came in from 38 companies, but many were rejected as they were not competitive enough or not relevant for the pilot’s main scope (textile and plastic production). In the end, four innovative proposals were introduced to suppliers.

The primary objective for the pilot was to understand how well an Innovation Platform can identify, evaluate, test and disseminate low carbon solution among the IKEA suppliers. Some of the key learnings are that it’s important to clarify from the start what IKEA want and don’t want, and to provide fast feedback on evaluations. Also, a wider scope for desired solutions would generate a large volume of innovation proposals on one hand, but also increase the need for efficient administration on the other hand.

“The Innovation Platform Pilot during 2011 has provided a glimpse into a treasury of potential solutions for IKEA to reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain only”, says Thomas Schäfer, Supply Chain Sustainability, IKEA of Sweden.

“There’s an ocean of opportunities out there for IKEA to tap into on its mission to provide a good living for the many people while meeting demands for profitability and responsibility,” says Magnus Emfel, Climate Innovations, WWF.