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News from the Global Partnership Projects


 CLIMATE:   "Closing the loops" project selects prioritised materials
The field studies, conducted primarily in the Shanghai area, included more than a hundred interviews, and 150 reports were scrutinised. The goal was to develop a model for how to prioritise materials, and to identify those with the least negative environmental impact and most suitable for recycling.

A total of 97 different materials were analysed; 12 passed the full assessment in Sweden and 14 in China. In addition, six materials were found to be more interesting for the future, and the project has developed recommendations for how IKEA can work with more environmentally adapted material handling in the short and long term.

The project has developed a comprehensive report that includes a materials overview, and an executive summary with results and recommendations. These will be available to IKEA and WWF co-workers when the project ends in March.