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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 CLIMATE:  Nine Swedish families to test "Sustainable life at home"
The nine families, selected from around 300 interested households, represent a number of different family constellations, ages and housing situations. In December, IKEA visited the families to learn about how they live and to identify barriers for a more sustainable life at home. Some families have come reasonably far, while others are at the beginning of their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The families will initially focus on recycling, and household food waste. The project has started looking at solutions that will make sustainability easier, and an energy consultant has made an initial inventory to identify ”energy thieves” and suggested tools to measure energy and water consumption. The project will also be testing specifically developed store and web communication to see if customers’ behaviour can be positively influenced this way.

To meet the families and read more about the project (in Swedish), click here.