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News from the Global Partnership Projects

 FOREST:  Bosnia and Herzegovina project to run until 2014
The overall goal or idea with the project is to support development of responsible forest management and responsible supply chains of forest product within Bosnia and Herzegovina. By implementing such elements in the forestry sector biodiversity and landscape protection will be easier to improve and maintain. The goal is that priority landscapes and resources (particularly forests) are managed in a responsible way.

The project aims to extend the area of responsibly managed by increasing the area of FSC-certified forests. Including factors such as High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) mapping, which can be integrated into Forest Management Plans, this contributes to raised awareness and target forest owners, state forest administrators and the public. The project also collaborates with the Faculty of Forestry in Sarajevo to include forest policy, forest governance, forest certification, international wood trade regulations, and HCVF as topics in its ongoing teaching activities.