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Mark Edwards / WWF-Canon

 FOREST:  Third chapter of the Living Forest Report released
WWF’s Living Forests Report has introduced four future scenarios to explore the feasibility and implications of stopping runaway deforestation and degradation of the world’s remaining natural forest, and sustaining this until 2050. The third chapter was recently released, looking specifically at consequences for the climate and future carbon emissions of the various scenarios.

The report concludes that it is still possible to feed and fuel the world and at the same time halt forest and forest carbon loss by 2020 – if concerted action is taken immediately. This is why WWF proposes zero net deforestation and degradation by 2020 as a global target.

“That means no overall loss of forest areas or forest quality. In the next decade, we want to see the loss of natural or semi-natural forest reduced to near zero, down from the 13 million hectares we are now losing every year,” says Rod Taylor, Director of WWF International's Forests Programme.

The Living Forests Report is part of an ongoing conversation with partners, policymakers, and business about how to protect, conserve, sustainably use, and govern the world’s forests in the 21st century.

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