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News from Global Partnership Projects

 FOREST:  WWF China inspires publishing business to support FSC certification
WWF China works actively to promote Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and has come up with a creative way to introduce the concept to the country’s publishers and printers. As one of the first FSC certified publications in China, an album of children drawings was published in March as an attempt to build the conjunction between well-managed forests and books.

“While it is too much to expect a shift just because of a book, we hope the My forests album can provide a practical and inspiring example for publishing houses, printing enterprises and pulp and paper companies. They can act responsibly and protect wildlife habitats and biodiversity by going for FSC certification and using FSC certified paper,” Zhang Xinxin says.

The FSC certification concept and practices have been gradually accepted and implemented by local Chinese governments, forest management units and concessions, partly thanks to the Partnership. WWF has supported more than 75 percent of the 2.7 million hectares of FSC certified forests in China.

Please contact Zhang Xinxin at XXZhang@wwfchina.org for more information.