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News from Global Partnership Projects

Support for a more sustainable everyday life in Thailand
WWF Thailand, the external IKEA franchise store in Bangkok, and the Thai government have joined forces to initiate long-term efforts towards a more sustainable everyday life in the city. This five-year commitment follows emergency relief efforts in the wake of the 2011 flooding and helps translate the ideas behind the global Earth Hour campaign into actions.

WWF, IKEA and the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion signed the memorandum of understanding on March 31, during a Partnership event to promote a more sustainable life at home in Bangkok.
The goal is to identify, support and implement activities that have positive impact on climate, public opinion and the community environment. The collaboration, Together for a More Sustainable Everyday Life, has been designed to approach climate-related challenges in a holistic manner and encourage people to change behaviour. A number of campaigns will raise public awareness about how small changes at home can add up and contribute to a more sustainable future.