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News from Global Partnership Projects

Earth Hour shopping in the dark at IKEA Netherlands
IKEA Netherlands celebrated Earth Hour 2012 by dimming the lights in or around all stores. In the Amsterdam store, WWF volunteers guided customers around the store with flash lights before helping them find back to their cars after shopping. 

 “It was great to see how enthusiastic customers were to have WWF volunteers inform them about Earth Hour and assist them through the store,” says Amsterdam store manager Martyn Brache.

The IKEA stores in Amsterdam and Heerlen were open during Earth Hour and dimmed the lights inside and outside, while the other IKEA stores in the Netherlands participated by dimming outdoor lighting.

“By participating in Earth Hour, IKEA gives a strong signal that the planet’s future is extremely important, and that companies should play a key role in the sustainable use of natural resources,” says Johan van de Gronden, CEO of WWF Netherland.