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News from Global Partnership Projects

Norway’s tea light competition a great success
The “Great tea light hunt” in Norway ended on Earth Hour day, March 31. Over a period of six months, nearly 26,600 students in grade 1-4 collected almost 13.5 million empty tea light holders – enough aluminium to make nearly 2,000 bicycles!

“This awareness campaign was a great success. It’s an activity that creates a lot of positive engagement and we will do it again this autumn. Every year, the Norwegians still throw away nearly 140 million tea lights holders that could be recycled!” says Marianne Lodgaard, Senior Advisor at WWF Norway.

The competition was arranged by IKEA and WWF in collaboration with two recycling companies and aluminium producer Hydro. The aim was to teach children about the value of recycling and sustainable use of natural resources. Recycling tea light holders represent a substantial saving of raw material and energy, as 96 percent less energy is required to recycle aluminium compared to producing new metal.