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News from the Partnership                           Newsletter November 2012

IKEA Group unveils new sustainability strategy: People & Planet Positive

October 23 2012 was a big day for IKEA: This was when the new sustainability strategy People & Planet Positive was officially released. The new strategy will see the IKEA Group become energy independent and help millions of people live an affordable, sustainable life at home.

The strategy is an integrated part of the IKEA Group long-term growth direction. It builds on the company’s long history of working with sustainability by outlining a new set of goals and actions for delivery up to 2020.

To learn more about how the IKEA Group works with sustainability, including the IKEA Group sustainability reports, and to view the full People & Planet Positive strategy document, click here.
To view the People & Planet Positive film on YouTube, click here.

WWF IKEA partnership celebrating 10th anniversary
IKEA and WWF started co-operating ten years ago in order to address sustainability issues together. By working together to promote responsible forest management and responsible cotton cultivation and address issues connected to climate change, the parties aim to decrease humankind’s ecological footprint, promote behavioural change and set a good industry example. The partnership is also one of the contributing parties in making the IKEA sustainability direction a reality.

IKEA and WWF will be celebrating the partnership’s 10th anniversary through both internal and external channels at the beginning of April 2013. The work to develop communication materials has just started, and more information will shortly be e-mailed to all national WWF IKEA partnership and communications responsibles.

New co-workers to partnership
Simon Henzell-Thomas recently joined IKEA as Sustainability Policy and Engagement Manager. His role is to manage the company’s engagement and partnerships with different groups, including NGOs like WWF. Before joining IKEA, Simon worked in the sustainability team for The Body Shop where he was responsible for sustainability strategy, engagement and reporting. You can reach Simon at simon.henzell-thomas@ikea.com

Anna Peterson Skogsborg joined WWF as project administrator for the WWF IKEA partnership in January. Anna has been working with finance, marketing and advertising. She has also run her own business as a garden designer. You can reach Anna at anna.peterson.skogsborg@wwf.se


Sofi Alexanderson has recently joined the partnership’s team of global forest coordinators. She’ll be working together with Louise Carlsson and Olle Forshed. Sofi is a professional forester and has worked at WWF since 2005 with forest and freshwater projects. You can reach Sofi at sofi.alexanderson@wwf.se

News from the Global Partnership Projects

 COTTON:  Cotton spray men and women pickers trained in Pakistan
The WWF and IKEA joint cotton projects in Pakistan work hard to train spray men and women cotton pickers to help them use safer, healthier and more sustainable practices in the fields. More than 1.400 spray men and around 800 women in the Punjabi districts of Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Toba Tek Singh have benefitted from over the past few months alone.

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 COTTON:  Supporting more sustainable ginning in Pakistan
Having worked together with IKEA on more sustainable cotton production at farm level since 2005, WWF Pakistan is now taking sustainable practices further up the value chain, involving cotton ginners in the IKEA supply chain through an EU funded programme.

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 FOREST:  Rattan in Cambodia on way to bigger market
For the first time ever, Cambodia is allowing export of semi-finished rattan products. A recent government decision on export quotas will reduce the risk of illegal rattan trade across the border. The first legal export, involving five metric tonnes of split and polished rattan, will go to an IKEA supplier in Vietnam this year before becoming IKEA baskets, trays and decoration items.

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 FOREST:  WWF campaign helps save virgin forests in Romania
An IKEA supported WWF campaign aimed at getting the Romanian government to protect the country’s virgin forests has paid off. The 2011 campaign generated around 2.000 newspaper articles and more than 100.000 people signed a petition to get the attention of the Ministry of Environment. Now, a ministerial order is about to be signed, guaranteeing protection for 13,000 species in virgin forests and proving that ordinary people can make a difference.

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Partnership helps save Bulgarian forests
The IKEA WWF partnership’s lobby and campaign efforts have played a key role in averting proposed legislative changes that would have allowed deforestation and construction even in protected areas in Bulgaria.

A proposed amendment to the Forest Act was pushed through parliament in June 2012, leading to hectic efforts from WWF Bulgaria with support from IKEA, and generating massive public support for the protection of the country’s forests and protected areas. As a result, the controversial amendments to Bulgaria’s Forest Act have now been dropped from the final version of the legislation.

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 FOREST: WWF’s GFTN launches strategy for 2020
WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network finalised its Global Strategy in September, supporting the ambitious WWF target to achieve zero net deforestation and degradation in production forests by 2020 and outlining the road ahead.

The strategy for 2012-20 reflects GFTN’s global outreach and ensures that GFTN enhances its global-to-local approach in WWF priority places. With a renewed commitment to promoting responsible forest management and trade, the strategy builds on recommendations provided in the independent evaluation conducted earlier this year as well as from key stakeholders within WWF.

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CLIMATE:  IKEA to convert all lighting to LED
IKEA wants to tackle climate change by inspiring people to live a more sustainable life at home – and help them save money at the same time. This is why IKEA supports the energy-saving LED light revolution by converting its entire range of bulbs and lamps to LED by 2016. IKEA is also changing more than one million light sources in IKEA stores to LED and other energy-efficient lighting.

IKEA Group Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard presented the strategy to convert to 100 percent LED technology to journalists at a webinar on October 1.

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Key learnings in final Close the loop report
A more efficient and effective use of renewable and non-renewable resources is key to living within the boundaries of one planet and can result in environmental, social and economic benefits. These were some of the recently published key learning points from the joint WWF IKEA Close the loop project.

While reduction and reuse are top priority in order to conserve resources, recycling has great potential, too. As part of the two-year project ended this June, IKEA and WWF collaborated to analyse and test opportunities and challenges to close material loops.

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 CLIMATE:  Keen external interest in Sustainable life at home – Ecoration
The joint climate project Sustainable life at home ended earlier this year, and a seminar was conducted in Stockholm, Sweden on October 30 to report on the Ecoration experiment. Opinion leaders, company leaders, and journalists took part in a panel discussion on the impressive results from engaging nine IKEA customer families – the Ecorators – in testing solutions to help them live a more sustainable life at home.

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National Partnerships

‘Sleep better through Better Cotton’ in the Netherlands
In September IKEA and WWF Netherlands kicked-off a year-round campaign to raise awareness for the work that IKEA and WWF do with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Under the slogan ‘Sleep better through Better Cotton’, the partnership aims to engage consumers with the story behind Better Cotton via in-store billboards, e-newsletters for IKEA Family members and through social media.   
“We want consumers to know that there are environmental and social issues around the production of cotton, like the large amounts of water and pesticides being used. We also want them to know that WWF and IKEA are founding members of the BCI and that IKEA will only use Better Cotton in the range by the end of 2015,” says Petra Lankhorst, project leader IKEA Netherlands.

IKEA and WWF recycle the Tealight Hunt campaign
Why let a great concept go to waste when it can be recycled? For the second year in a row, IKEA Norway and WWF are collaborating with two recycling companies and the aluminium producer Hydro to “recycle” the popular Tealight Hunt contest.

During the campaign, children are invited to collect aluminium tea light holders and bring them to recycle bins or to IKEA stores for later recycling. The purpose is to teach them about the value of recycling and sustainable use of natural resources. An IKEA survey among last year’s participating schoolteachers provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. This year, every grade 1-7 primary school class will be invited to take part in the competition. The campaign starts November 1 and ends January 3.

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Renewed partnership in Norway
WWF and IKEA Norway have worked together since 2007, and have recently decided to renew and expand the partnership. IKEA and WWF people within the conservation, marketing and communications fields put their heads together in a workshop to pinpoint the focus for the next three years. All suggestion will be further developed in a small working group and be presented at a second workshop later this fall.

“Our campaigns and communication have been very successful. Now we have agreed that we would like to focus more on relevant and prioritised conservation issues during the next partnership period. We are looking into areas such as forest and sustainable seafood, but also sustainable life at home,” says WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen.

IKEA Norway best in class
IKEA is the best company in Norway when it comes to environmental awareness. This is the conclusion of a recent national survey conducted by research company Ipsos MMI.

The Norwegians were asked to rate their view on large companies in Norway. IKEA was rated the best overall. The company was ranked number one in environmental awareness, advertising and information as well as economics and profitability. In the area of social responsibility and ethics, IKEA was ranked number four.

”To be awarded the best company in environmental awareness in Norway is a great motivation. It shows that our cooperation with WWF has had an impact on the perception of IKEA among the Norwegians,” says Nina Schefte, Sustainability Manager IKEA Norway.

‘I Will if You Will’ a great success
On June 29 IKEA country manager Carl Janzen and WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen swapped jobs for a day to gain insight into each other's professional challenges and take advantage of each other's knowledge – and to have some fun, of course!

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WWF and IKEA Greece in successful energy event
During five days in September, WWF and IKEA Greece joined forces in an event at the IKEA Store in Thessaloniki to encourage people to save energy and to protect the environment. More than 800 people participated and IKEA donations based on the sale of energy-saving bulbs in the store contributed 2.000€ to WWF Greece’s climate change programme.

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Special WWF offer to IKEA FAMILY members in the UK
To celebrate the new WWF kids’ membership in the UK, IKEA and WWF have launched a special autumn offer on WWF memberships for the 3.4 million UK members of the IKEA FAMILY loyalty programme. Under the offer, FAMILY members get one third off the usual WWF membership rates for the first year.

The WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership

You can read more about the WWF IKEA Conservation Partnership on www.panda.org/ikea

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