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News from Global Partnership Projects

 COTTON:  Supporting more sustainable ginning in Pakistan
Having worked together with IKEA on more sustainable cotton production at farm level since 2005, WWF Pakistan is now taking sustainable practices further up the value chain, involving cotton ginners in the IKEA supply chain through an EU funded programme.

Ginners are crucial in the cotton supply chain and play a key role in supplying retailers with verified Better Cotton – this is where the harvested raw cotton is cleaned, baled and stamped with a unique identification code which enables traceability.

Under a four-year programme titled Sustainable cotton production in Pakistan’s cotton ginning Small and Medium Enterprises (SPRING), ginners are encouraged and supported to improve the sustainability of their operations in terms of energy efficiency, process efficiency and waste management. This will also help ginners overcome problems in maintaining competitiveness due to high energy costs.

The objective for the programme – which is run in in collaboration with the European Union Switch-Asia Programme – is that that at least 500 cotton ginners in Pakistan by 2015 recognise the benefits of sustainable cotton production and consumption, and that 40 percent of these commit to more sustainable practices.

This will help the partnership’s quest to make Better Cotton a mainstream, tradable commodity.