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Partnership helps save Bulgarian forests
The IKEA WWF partnership’s lobby and campaign efforts have played a key role in averting proposed legislative changes that would have allowed deforestation and construction even in protected areas in Bulgaria.

A proposed amendment to the Forest Act was pushed through parliament in June 2012, leading to hectic efforts from WWF Bulgaria with support from IKEA, and generating massive public support for the protection of the country’s forests and protected areas. As a result, the controversial amendments to Bulgaria’s Forest Act have now been dropped from the final version of the legislation.

WWFs forest experts were involved in a number of events, open debates and meetings, warning that the amendments to the forest act would open the door to the plundering of Bulgarian forests, the country’s last significant natural resource. Also, WWF conservation directors and staff across Europe wrote letters addressed to the Bulgarian Prime Minister and voiced their concern.
“This is a huge victory for Bulgaria’s environment and civil society. The amendments of the Forest Act would have gone against the public interest as well as basic EU and Bulgarian legislation on nature protection,” says Neli Doncheva, forest expert WWF Bulgaria.