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News from Global Partnership Projects

WWF’s GFTN launches strategy for 2020
WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network finalised its Global Strategy in September, supporting the ambitious WWF target to achieve zero net deforestation and degradation in production forests by 2020 and outlining the road ahead.

The strategy for 2012-20 reflects GFTN’s global outreach and ensures that GFTN enhances its global-to-local approach in WWF priority places. With a renewed commitment to promoting responsible forest management and trade, the strategy builds on recommendations provided in the independent evaluation conducted earlier this year as well as from key stakeholders within WWF.

The world’s forests are degrading at a rapid rate and people in some of the most ecologically diverse regions are facing an uncertain future at the same time as the demand for wood and wood products is on the rise. The industry must find ways to strike a balance between producing wood for rapidly growing global consumption while also preserving our most threatened forests.

“We are proud of this new strategy. It defines the direction and focus of the programme towards an ambitious target and provides a launching ground to build on GFTN’s 20 years of success in promoting responsible forestry,” says George White, Head of Global Forest & Trade Network.

With its global-to-local approach and offices spread over 34 countries, GFTN provides crucial market links and expertise to transform both local and global markets. It helps infuse the principles of responsible forest management and trade practices throughout the supply chain. With the Global Strategy, GFTN aims to further its reach and establish responsible forestry and trade models among select industry leaders, mainstreaming responsible practices and increasing the value of standing forests. 

IKEA supports GFTN in order to drive legal and responsible forest management and trade practices in and around IKEA's supply chains, and to ultimately create a level playing field for socially and environmentally responsible companies. IKEA has been a GFTN participant through GFTN Sweden since 2000.

“The GFTN is an excellent example of the down to earth and sometimes not so glamorous work that it takes to deliver real change and improvements. IKEA and GFTN have been cooperating and learning from each other over more than a decade. We are happy to be able to contribute to GFTN’s success,” says Anders Hildeman, IKEA Global Forest Manager.

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