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News from Global Partnership Projects

‘I Will if You Will’ a great success
On June 29 IKEA country manager Carl Janzen and WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen swapped jobs for a day to gain insight into each other's professional challenges and take advantage of each other's knowledge – and to have some fun, of course!

Nina Jensen started the morning by giving a presentation of WWF’s work and goals to some 100 IKEA co-workers. She attended a number of meetings; regarding the IKEA catalogue launch, regarding possibilities for IKEA to purchase sustainable, ASC-certified salmon and regarding the environmental aspects of developing new stores. She also toured the warehouse at Slependen to learn about monitoring energy use in large buildings.

“Organisations and companies have a lot to learn from each other. I will bring a lot of useful knowledge back to my job in WWF. We'll see if there might be a new round of job-switching in the future,” says WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen.

Meanwhile, Carl Janzen gave a lecture on leadership and brand building for the staff of WWF. During the day he received some insight into WWF’s key conservation issues and how it works to promote sustainable forestry, sustainable fish farming and new and improved climate legislation.

”WWF and IKEA have enjoyed a long and close collaboration. We like to try out new and unconventional ways to learn more about each other and from each other. To put myself in Nina’s shoes, was an exciting and fun challenge. I have worked for IKEA for 25 years, so perhaps it was time for a job change, even if just for one day, says Carl Janzen.