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News from Global Partnership Projects

WWF and IKEA Greece in successful energy event
During five days in September, WWF and IKEA Greece joined forces in an event at the IKEA Store in Thessaloniki to encourage people to save energy and to protect the environment. More than 800 people participated and IKEA donations based on the sale of energy-saving bulbs in the store contributed 2.000€ to WWF Greece’s climate change programme.

Leaflets with energy saving tips were distributed and the public was invited to a “bicycle contest” in central Thessaloniki. Participants were invited to turn mechanical power into electric power, riding bikes on stage and with their efforts spurred by a DJ. Two bicycles on stands were each connected to a set of light bulbs – one bicycle was connected to energy-saving bulbs and one to traditional incandescent bulbs – and the cyclists were urged to pedal as hard as they could.

The result? Almost everyone riding the bike connected to the energy-saving bulbs managed to light up the full set, while those riding the bike with traditional bulbs struggled to light even half of the set!