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WWF continues its fight against legislation threatening Romanian forest

WWF Romania has again managed to block a suggested new Forest Act that would legalise exploitation of the country’s virgin forests - since the suggested amendments to legislation was first initiated in October 2011, WWF and its 120.000 supporters have managed to prevent it from being voted through four times!

WWF and supporters have strongly protested to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Environment and the President of the Chamber of Deputies with protests, each of them receiving up to 2,000 letters and 500 text messages per day.

The proposed Forest Act would violate the principles of sustainable forest management, which Romania has endorsed so far. The nation’s 200.000 hectares of virgin forests represent up to 65 percent of those still remaining in Europe outside of Russia, and the amendments would make it possible to remove forested areas from the framework of control, leaving invaluable forests exposed to abuse.

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WWF and 120.000 supporters fight to keep valuable virgin forest areas protected from abuse.


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