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GFTN helps clarify new EU regulations to prevent illegal logging

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) took effect on March 3, an important milestone in global efforts to combat illegal logging. WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) is helping companies understand and meet the requirements of the new regulation, as well as encouraging the industry to move beyond legality and take bolder steps toward contributing to responsible forest management.

The EU Timber Regulation follows in the footsteps of the Lacey Act in the US. It has far-reaching implications not just for importers in Europe but for companies across the world, signalling that illegal logging - a major driver of deforestation, forest degradation and inherently, loss of biodiversity - will not be tolerated. At the same time, there has been little guidance on what constitutes due diligence for companies that bring in wood and wood products into the EU market, making meeting the new obligations challenging for many.

"IKEA was in a good position as we introduced our due diligence system for legality about 15 years ago, but it is a challenge to understand exactly how the scope of the legislation should be interpreted and how far the operators’ responsibility extends," says Anders Hildeman, Global Forestry Manager at IKEA.

GFTN works actively to help the private sector understand the complicated world of legality and to encourage the industry to move beyond simply meeting legal requirements. In January, GFTN updated its existing guidance for EUTR, published a newsletter to help companies navigate the challenging world of legality and expanded its guide GFTN/TRAFFIC Exporting in a Shifting Legal Landscape to include a new section on the EUTR.

Read the full interview with Anders Hildeman about what IKEA has done to prepare for the EUTR here

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