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Norwegian students collects more than 7.5 million empty tealight cups

For the second consecutive year, the Tealight Hunt competition was a great success in Norway. Arranged by WWF and IKEA in collaboration with two recycling companies and aluminium producer Hydro, the recycling competition engaged more than 29,000 primary school students and received tremendous attention in various local media across the country.

On January 31st, after three months of "hunting", the children had collected more than 7.5 million used tealight cups for recycling – equivalent of 5 metric tonnes of aluminium, enough to make almost 1.100 new bicycles!

"The Tealight Hunt has helped to establish a routine for collecting empty tealight cups that makes it easier for school children and their parents to continue recycling. The children have learned a lot about the importance of recycling metals and we believe that they will carry on by being "the recycling police" at home," says Nina Jensen, CEO of WWF Norway

Lid school in Sveio in Hordaland was this years’ winner with 8,394 collected tealights, an average of more than 750 collected by each of its 11 students. They asked relatives and friends to help out as well as the local restaurant and grocery store, and their parents´ workplaces.

"We want to ensure that school children learn about recycling of aluminum in a fun and easy way. At the same time they do important environmental work by collecting empty tealight cups and by being ambassadors and spreading environmentally sound attitudes in their communities. It makes me happy and very proud", says Nina Schefte, head of sustainability at IKEA Norway.

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The competition engaged more than 29,000 primary school students across Norway.


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