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WWF India invites IKEA to join expert panel on Credible Forest Certification

WWF India’s conference on “Relevance of Credible Forest Certification in Enhancing Market Access” is due to take place on September 24 in New Dehli. IKEA global forest manager Anders Hildeman and Mikhail Tarasov, forestry manager Greater China have been invited be part of an expert panel to talk about IKEAs involvement in forestry issues and achievements through the partnership with WWF.

With growing demand for forest based products, India is experiencing a general shortage of wood at the same time as the interest in sustainably sourced wood is increasing. The conference, organised by GFTN-India, aims at facilitating linkages between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, to eliminate unauthorised logging and transform the global market place into a force for saving the world’s valuable and threatened forests. This platform will help engage multiple stakeholders – government, companies, their supply chains and investors – in controlling unsustainable production of timber, pulp and paper through a stepwise approach for achieving credible certification.

Conference participants include senior representatives from top corporations within the in timber, pulp & paper sectors, corporate buyers, senior government officials and forest officials, forest and plantation managers, wood processors, timber traders and trade associations, retailers, certification bodies, institutes and NGOs committed to sustainable and responsible wood trade.


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