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News from Global Partnership Projects

Restaurant herb gardens part of Italian
collaboration on sustainable food

The very first herb garden opened in the restaurant of the Anagnina store in Rome in May ahead of a planned national roll-out in March 2014. The herbs will be used in the kitchen, and the garden gives opportunities to engage children and families in various activities while also promoting IKEA gardening products. The initiative is part of the WWF IKEA collaboration on sustainable food in Italy.

Another part of the collaboration involves organic food products. IKEA Italy is committed to offering pasta dishes made with “Terre delle Oasi” pasta, grown in protected areas managed by WWF. Throughout FY 2014, these pasta dishes will be included in the IKEA “Crazy weekends” special offer. The “Terre dell’Oasi” programme was started by WWF Italy to protect biodiversity and the agricultural ecosystem through natural farming and to contribute to the management and conservation projects already existing in WWF’s areas.

The third focus of the Italian collaboration on sustainable food relates to food waste in a national response to the EU initiative European Year against Food Waste (2014), when European citizens will be asked to reflect on their consumer habits and the waste involved.
IKEA and WWF have developed a plan to reduce waste in IKEA stores, starting in October when a WWF event dedicated to food waste will help launch the joint project.

A number of customer-friendly awareness raising initiatives are included in the project. For example, IKEA restaurant customers will be offered to take their leftovers home in a “doggy bag”, IKEA chefs can share their own anti-waste recipes on the IKEA FOOD intranet site and IKEA FAMILY members  will be invited to anti-waste cooking courses and show-cooking.



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