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Norway makes Tealight Hunt film in English following CSR award nomination

IKEA and WWF Norway’s popular Tealight Hunt competition was nominated for a national CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) award earlier this year – and although the award eventually went to Coca-Cola Norway, the nomination inspired the partnership to produce an English speaking film about the successful campaign.

CSR Awards 2013 focuses on successful partnerships between business and non-business organisations, with particular emphasis on collaborative programmes that tackle sustainability through innovation. National award winners in 30 countries competed in the European CSR Award Scheme, funded by the European Commission, led by CSR Europe and Business in the Community.

The Tealight Hunt film shows how the Norwegian campaign was developed and spread, and how the IKEA and WWF partnership cooperated with other businesses to inspire children to care for the environment by collecting used tealight cups for recycling. The latest competition engaged more than 29,000 primary school students who collected the equivalent of 5 metric tonnes of aluminium, enough to make almost 1.100 new bicycles!

“We recycled the Tealight Hunt campaign from Sweden and we hope that other countries with a national partnership will replicate, not least because it generates a lot of publicity. The film is an example of a good, educational campaign and a meaningful cooperation,” says Nina Jensen, CEO of WWF Norway, adding that IKEA and WWF Norway have just signed a new three-year contract. The partnership in Norway will continue to work with campaigns as well as promote responsible fishing according to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

Watch the film (in English) here
Read more about the CSR European Award Scheme here 



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