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IKEA supports WWF Singapore’s new Eco-Schools programme

Singapore, 24 April 2013 – The two IKEA stores in Singapore is supporting WWFs Eco-Schools Programme, an international environmental education and certification programme launched in April to let students experience active citizenship and help them make environmental sustainability an integral part of school life. IKEA is donating $200,000 over two years from the cost savings of eliminating disposable plastic bags in the stores.

“We share a common goal with WWF towards building a generation of consumers empowered to make informed and responsible choices for an environmentally sustainable future. Hence, IKEA has pledged to fund this meaningful Eco-Schools Programme with the hope of cultivating responsible citizenship in the young,” said Marcus Tay, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Singapore.

Recognised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a model initiative, the Eco-Schools Programme will be piloted with eight primary and secondary schools in Singapore, before being expanded to include pre-schools and tertiary institutions. The programme focuses on specific themes – climate change, nature and biodiversity, waste, schools grounds, energy and water – and involves a wide range of stakeholders.

“The awareness and concern for our planet must be cultivated from young. Making the environment a priority in the school’s agenda will go a long way in growing a generation of environmentally responsible citizens empowered to make informed choices, in support of a low carbon future,” said Elaine Tan, CEO, WWF Singapore.

The Eco-Schools launch received a lot of positive media coverage in Singapore. The programme began in 1994 in Denmark, Greece, Germany and Britain, and today involves more than 40,000 schools in over 50 countries.


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