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Restaurant herb gardens part of Italian collaboration on sustainable food

The very first herb garden opened in the restaurant of the Anagnina store in Rome in May ahead of a planned national roll-out in March 2014. The herbs will be used in the kitchen, and the garden gives opportunities to engage children and families in various activities while also promoting IKEA gardening products. The initiative is part of the WWF IKEA collaboration on sustainable food in Italy.

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Better Cotton campaign raise awareness and money

In the Netherlands, the partnership has raised awareness of Better Cotton in a recent campaign. Using in-store advertisements, direct mail to IKEA Family members, website communication and social media, IKEA and WWF told the story about how cotton can be grown in a more sustainable way and why this is so important. IKEA had agreed to donate €1 to WWF Netherlands for each Facebook or Twitter “share”, but in the end IKEA doubled the amount and WWF received a total of €25,000 to support its activities.

IKEA co-workers raise nearly £9,000
by joining WWF UK marathon team

Four IKEA co-workers from the UK and Ireland raised nearly £9,000, including £4,000 of match funding from IKEA, by running the Virgin London Marathon on April 21st to celebrate the partnership’s 10th anniversary and help raise funds for WWF’s conservation work. This means that they, as a team, surpassed their fundraising target of £2,000 each. Congratulations to Tony Pearson, Kyle Binks, Holly Stuart and Cormac McGann! The intended fifth member of the team, Mike Ward, was forced to withdraw from the marathon due to an injury during training.

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Tony Pearson       Kyle Binks      Holly Stuart      Cormac McGann

Norway makes Tealight Hunt film in English following CSR award nomination

IKEA and WWF Norway’s popular Tealight Hunt competition was nominated for a national CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) award earlier this year – and although the award eventually went to Coca-Cola Norway, the nomination inspired the partnership to produce an English speaking film about the successful campaign.

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Portuguese public to learn more about the partnership

WWF and IKEA in Portugal have decided to raise public awareness of the partnership over a whole year, starting in October 2013. Communication will be built around the partnership while also spreading information about energy efficiency and climate smart products.

The national partnership has also agreed to start a fundraising activity connected to Earth Hour 2014, when WWF will benefit from IKEA sales of candles. During Environmental Day in June 2014, WWF will be present in the Portuguese stores to recruit new members and promote its own products.

IKEA supports WWF Singapore’s new Eco-Schools programme

Singapore, 24 April 2013 – The two IKEA stores in Singapore is supporting WWFs Eco-Schools Programme, an international environmental education and certification programme launched in April to let students experience active citizenship and help them make environmental sustainability an integral part of school life. IKEA is donating $200,000 over two years from the cost savings of eliminating disposable plastic bags in the stores.

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IKEA is going for gold with WWF UK Marathon team

To celebrate 10 years of action in the partnership, five IKEA co-workers joined the WWF UK team in the Virgin London Marathon on April 21st to help raise funds for WWF´s conservation work. WWF has given IKEA five of their guaranteed charity spots in the marathon, and IKEA has donated £1,000 to each runner to help them along the way to hitting their fundraising target of £2,000 each.

Training has been in full swing and special fundraising events have been planned at IKEA stores from bucket collections, cake sales and treadmill runs.

Click on the runner’s names to visit their respective fundraising page on the web.

Tony Pearson     Kyle Binks     Holly Stuart     Cormac McGann

Norwegian students collects more than 7.5 million empty tealight cups.

For the second consecutive year, the Tealight Hunt competition was a great success in Norway. Arranged by WWF and IKEA in collaboration with two recycling companies and aluminium producer Hydro, the recycling competition engaged more than 29,000 primary school students and received tremendous attention in various local media across the country.

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WWF Belgium recruits supporters in IKEA stores

WWF Belgium has recruited many new supports thanks to the support from IKEA. During the latest four-day recruitment drive in IKEA stores, WWF representatives recruited twice as many as would normally be achieved in the same period of time. Supporters like to know what they are paying for and the positive results of the partnership between WWF and IKEA is a strong and concrete story that convinced a lot of people to start donating for WWF. We hope to repeat the experience soon.


2013 Earth Hour activities

IKEA arranged a number of activities to mark Earth Hour on March 23rd and to show its support to WWF’s fight against climate change. These are just some examples from around the world:

IKEA Belgium raised awareness about the need to take action on climate change through communication directed at its co-workers and customers as well as to the general public. The message was conveyed via TV screens in staff canteens, through in-house radio morning messages, Intranet, info sessions, table talkers, etc. IKEA Belgium also raised funds by donating 1€ to WWF for each SOLVINDEN outdoor LED light sold between March 14 and 27.

All IKEA stores in Canada turned off its non-essential lights between 8:30 and 9:30 pm Saturday March 23rd, and communicated the Earth Hour message in stores and on the web via Facebook, Twitter and www.IKEA.ca.

IKEA Sweden´s activity "We like Earth Hour!" was a call to IKEA co-workers and customers to go beyond the hour by living a more sustainable life at home every day to save energy and water, reduce waste and recycle more. In the stores customers were offered a special price on two different lamps with the latest LED-technology. Stores also turned off non-essential lights during the hour.


‘Sleep better through Better Cotton’ in the Netherlands

In September IKEA and WWF Netherlands kicked-off a year-round campaign to raise awareness for the work that IKEA and WWF do with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Under the slogan ‘Sleep better through Better Cotton’, the partnership aims to engage consumers with the story behind Better Cotton via in-store billboards, e-newsletters for IKEA Family members and through social media.   
“We want consumers to know that there are environmental and social issues around the production of cotton, like the large amounts of water and pesticides being used. We also want them to know that WWF and IKEA are founding members of the BCI and that IKEA will only use Better Cotton in the range by the end of 2015,” says Petra Lankhorst, project leader IKEA Netherlands.

IKEA and WWF recycle the Tealight Hunt campaign

Why let a great concept go to waste when it can be recycled? For the second year in a row, IKEA Norway and WWF are collaborating with two recycling companies and the aluminium producer Hydro to “recycle” the popular Tealight Hunt contest.

During the campaign, children are invited to collect aluminium tea light holders and bring them to recycle bins or to IKEA stores for later recycling. The purpose is to teach them about the value of recycling and sustainable use of natural resources. An IKEA survey among last year’s participating schoolteachers provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. This year, every grade 1-7 primary school class will be invited to take part in the competition. The campaign starts November 1 and ends January 3.

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Renewed partnership in Norway

WWF and IKEA Norway have worked together since 2007, and have recently decided to renew and expand the partnership. IKEA and WWF people within the conservation, marketing and communications fields put their heads together in a workshop to pinpoint the focus for the next three years. All suggestion will be further developed in a small working group and be presented at a second workshop later this fall.

“Our campaigns and communication have been very successful. Now we have agreed that we would like to focus more on relevant and prioritised conservation issues during the next partnership period. We are looking into areas such as forest and sustainable seafood, but also sustainable life at home,” says WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen.


IKEA Norway best in class

IKEA is the best company in Norway when it comes to environmental awareness. This is the conclusion of a recent national survey conducted by research company Ipsos MMI.

The Norwegians were asked to rate their view on large companies in Norway. IKEA was rated the best overall. The company was ranked number one in environmental awareness, advertising and information as well as economics and profitability. In the area of social responsibility and ethics, IKEA was ranked number four.

”To be awarded the best company in environmental awareness in Norway is a great motivation. It shows that our cooperation with WWF has had an impact on the perception of IKEA among the Norwegians,” says Nina Schefte, Sustainability Manager IKEA Norway.

‘I Will if You Will’ a great success

On June 29 IKEA country manager Carl Janzen and WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen swapped jobs for a day to gain insight into each other's professional challenges and take advantage of each other's knowledge – and to have some fun, of course!

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WWF and IKEA Greece in successful energy event

During five days in September, WWF and IKEA Greece joined forces in an event at the IKEA Store in Thessaloniki to encourage people to save energy and to protect the environment. More than 800 people participated and IKEA donations based on the sale of energy-saving bulbs in the store contributed 2.000€ to WWF Greece’s climate change programme.

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Thailand: Support for a more sustainable everyday life in Thailand

WWF Thailand, the external IKEA franchise store in Bangkok, and the Thai government have joined forces to initiate long-term efforts towards a more sustainable everyday life in the city. This five-year commitment follows emergency relief efforts in the wake of the 2011 flooding and helps translate the ideas behind the global Earth Hour campaign into actions.

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Italy: Tasty Italian campaign to promote sustainable food production

IKEA and WWF Italy launched a campaign to promote sustainable food production on World Earth Day, April 22. Customers visiting IKEA restaurants on weekends can purchase pasta dishes made from Terre dell'Oasi (Lands of the Oasis) products to support WWF's work in several agricultural regions in Italy. At the launch, WWF also had information points set up in all IKEA stores in Italy to educate customers on sustainable food.

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Netherlands: Earth Hour shopping in the dark at IKEA Netherlands

IKEA Netherlands celebrated Earth Hour 2012 by dimming the lights in or around all stores. In the Amsterdam store, WWF volunteers guided customers around the store with flash lights before helping them find back to their cars after shopping.

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Greece: Joint awareness campaign in Greece during Earth Hour

The Greek WWF communication team created a series of posters with different environmental messages for the external IKEA franchise stores in Greece to mark Earth Hour 2012. The messages stressed the fact that protecting the environment must not be seen as an expendable luxury even if the country is in the middle of an economic crisis.

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Norway: Norway’s tea light competition a great success

The "Great tea light hunt" in Norway ended on Earth Hour day, March 31. Over a period of six months, nearly 26,600 students in grade 1-4 collected almost 13.5 million empty tea light holders - enough aluminium to make nearly 2,000 bicycles!

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"I will if you will" - challenge to celebrate Earth Hour

For the fourth year in a row, IKEA was WWF's main Earth Hour partner in Norway. To add to the more public celebrations, IKEA country manager Carl Janzen challenged WWF Norway’s CEO Nina Jensen: They will swap jobs for a day on June 29!

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Bed linen campaign to support cotton projects in India and Pakistan

IKEA Norway has run a campaign to support WWF cotton projects in India and Pakistan. For every bed linen set sold between April 13 and May 26, IKEA donated 10 NOK (1.30 euro) to WWF.

IKEA and WWF support Thailand's flood victims

The external IKEA franchise store in Bangkok and WWF Thailand have cooperated to bring much needed emergency relief to people living in the Nakorn Sawan area, which was first flooded in October 2011. WWF helped ensure that donated IKEA products, such as blankets and kitchenware, were delivered to one the of most severely affected provinces, where park rangers normally devoted to a WWF tiger conservation project could help affected.

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IKEA Japan supports climate symposium, hears witnesses

A Climate Witness symposium was held in Tokyo and Osaka on November 8 and 10. It was an opportunity to learn how climate change is impacting the lives of three witnesses from Kenya, Mongolia and Nepal. The event, with more than 500 participants, was sponsored by IKEA Japan and jointly hosted by WWF Japan and one of the country's largest newspapers, Mainichi. Based on the success of this symposium, WWF Japan and IKEA Japan have now started discussing opportunities for other joint activities in 2012.

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Apa Sherpa

Business partnership to encourage
more renewable energy use in Japan

WWF Japan has launched a new business partnership that urges the Japanese government to adopt more renewable energy into the country's power mix to help increase energy security and reduce the impact of climate change on future generations.

The business partnership is endorsed by IKEA and outdoor clothing and equipment retailer MontBell.

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Co-workers from IKEA France won a trip to Romania to see projects

In May, IKEA France organised a quiz on sustainability for all co-workers and four of them were the lucky winners of a five-day trip to Romania to visit projects run by UNICEF and WWF.

“We all learned a lot, and I am sure that these fortunate IKEA co-workers will be great ambassadors for the forests, certification and of course Romania,” says Nathalie Solvet, Partnerships Corporate Officer, WWF France.

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New licensing agreement in Denmark!

IKEA and WWF in Denmark just signed a licensing agreement where the partnership will focus on forest, FSC-certification and Sustainable Transport of People (SToP). It’s a three year deal, and the representatives from WWF and IKEA in Denmark, reports that all parts are extremely pleased with the partnership.

Good luck with your joint activities, WWF - IKEA in Denmark!

An active partnership in Belgium

The agreement between IKEA and WWF is renewed for year 2011. The partnership includes three parts named; Sustainable Journey, Co-worker Motivation and Customer Awareness.

The Sustainable Journey will follow IKEA global sustainability direction. A workshop about sustainability started in January and a group of 10 IKEA co-workers attended. The co-workers were trained in WWF partnership, WWF ecological footprint calculator and WWF eco tips. In order to capture customers attention in Belgium, the partnership will be communicated in IKEA’s media channels, such as IKEA Family Live Magazine, IKEA e-newsletter and IKEA website. A plan to copy and paste the Green Kitchen Concept from WWF France has been prepared for. The Green Kitchen Concept gives on-line eco tips for kitchens and is presented by a WWF speaker.

Good luck with your joint activities, WWF – IKEA in Belgium!

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