How can I support WWF? 


Become a member of WWF!

As a member of WWF, you pay an annual fee of 330 SEK. You will then receive WWF EKO, the quarterly magazine of WWF Sweden. There is also the yearly Panda book available, each one dealing with a different theme. 

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Join the Panda Planet!

The Panda Planet is the children and youth club of WWF Sweden. As members, kids receive the magazine PANDA six times a year. The Panda Planet club stimulates and encourages young people's interest in animals, nature, and environmental issues and promotes a positive attitude towards the future. Dont miss Panda Planets community

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Company Sponsors

For companies interested in supporting WWF's conservation efforts, there are specific Company sponsors packages available.

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You can contribute your monthly gift to the work of WWF via autogiro.

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Donations and Bequests

All contributions of this kind go uncurtailed to our nature conservation efforts. As a foundation, WWF Sweden is exempted from tax.


Celebrations and Condolences/Special Occasions

WWF Sweden's nature telegrams are a nice way to forward greetings at/for birthdays, weddings, christenings and other special occasions. Regarding obituary notices, WWF is often mentioned and gratefully accepts contributions.
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