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Transforming Business for People and Planet


WWF and IKEA are working together to safeguard and manage natural resources and transform business for the benefit of people and planet. Through engagement and projects within forests, cotton, freshwater and climate, the partnership is working to protect and enhance biodiversity by supporting a transition towards more ecologically sustainable business practices.

Since 2002, WWF and IKEA have worked together to protect and improve management of forests and fight illegal logging, as well as reduce water and pesticide use and improve livelihoods in cotton farming. The partnership is also working with freshwater projects in finding shared solutions within water use for a more sustainable textile industry as well as accelerating climate action for businesses. Together we are collaborating with other companies and networks to shape progressive regulations and stimulate sector-wide innovation.

The combined expertise of our two organizations gives us the ability to influence entire markets and inspire sustainable business practices, delivering conservation and resource stewardship that would not otherwise be possible.

How WWF works with business

Vy över regnskog i Sumatra


By managing and protecting forests, tackling threats such as forest degradation, supporting laws that combat illegal trade in timber our aim is to ensure forests and the people that depend on them, have a healthy future.

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Bomull i händer, norra Argentina


In 2005, WWF and IKEA set out to transform cotton production and secure a sustainable future for the industry by helping farmers earn a better living and improving working conditions, as well as reducing impacts from pesticide use and saving precious water resources.

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Solar panel for climate impact reduction


Business and industry must be at the heart of the global efforts to tackle climate change. WWF and IKEA are working together on reducing carbon emissions within IKEA operations and to be a leading voice and advocate for climate action.


Hand scooping water with a glass


The WWF and IKEA partnership is working to increase water awareness and eliminate water pollution. Together we are promoting Water Stewardship and collective action to find shared solutions for better water management and a more sustainable textile industry.

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Press releases and news

STORIES FROM THE FIELD: Indigenous Women from the Oaxacan Copalita Watershed in Mexico are Driving Social Entrepreneurship and Nature Conservation

The Copalita-Zimatán-Huatulco watershed in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico is home to one third of the country’s biodiversity and equally rich in culture. Zapotec indigenous communities have lived in the upper and middle parts of the watershed for centuries, since pre-Hispanic times.
As in many rural areas, women in the Copalita watershed play a key role in managing natural resources, providing for their families, collecting wood and water, harvesting vegetables, and preparing meals. However, their contribution is often under-appreciated. And at a national level, women tend to face more severe challenges than men.

WWF urges companies to ban wood sourcing from salvage logging in Russia

Renewed IKEA and WWF partnership to accelerate action to enhance biodiversity

For nearly 20 years WWF and Inter IKEA Group have partnered to drive positive environmental impact within different industries, and today a renewed term of partnership until 2025 is announced. The partnership reaffirms the commitment to protect, manage and restore key landscapes, and enable a nature and climate positive value chain to also uphold the rights and needs of people.

Acacia plantation, Vietnam

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