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What is WWF Sweden Youth?

WWF Sweden Youth is a non-profit leadership program that trains today’s and tomorrow’s sustainability leaders.

Our mission is to enable young people to impact matters relating to sustainability and our future. We are not satisfied with yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

We challenge old truths and develop new ways of thinking in a group where diversity is our strength. We are driven by creating change and spreading hope!

We are WWF Sweden Youth

Porträtt av Liban Muhiyadin

Liban Muhiyadin

Born: 2000 Lives: Stockholm

Porträtt av Amanda Henriksson

Amanda Henriksson

Born: 2000 Lives: Helsingborg/Växjö

Porträtt av Gaga Jakhashvili

Gaga Jakhashvili

Born: 2005 Lives: Stockholm

Porträtt av Ardita Makiqi

Ardita Makiqi

Born: 2004 Lives: Ängelholm

Porträtt av Kimia Kazempour

Kimia Kazempour

Born: 2000 Lives: Göteborg

Porträtt av Yusuf Muhawech

Yusuf Muhawech

Born: 2004 Lives: Luleå/Skövde

Porträtt av Fatma Ali

Fatma Ali

Born: 1999 Lives: Stockholm

Porträtt av Elin Håkanson

Elin Håkanson

Born: 2000 Lives: Stockholm

Porträtt av Axel Severinson

Axel Severinson

Born: 2000 Lives: Linköping

Porträtt av Alexandra Apelsten

Alexandra Apelsten

Born: 2003 Lives: Lysekil

Porträtt av Mikajosefin Jonsson Gehrke

Mikajosefin Jonsson Gehrke

Born: 2001 Lives: Luleå

Porträtt av Steve Stephan

Steve Stephan

Born: 2004 Lives: Eskilstuna

Porträtt av Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed

Born: 2000 Lives: Stockholm


How we work

En person tar en bild på en intervju med en mobil

Education & Training

  • Self-leadership 
  • Group dynamics 
  • Communication 
  • Media and speaking training 
  • WWF knowledge 
  • Field trips
Porträtt på Yusuf Muhawech, Dina Alami och Alexander Zadruzny under Almedalsveckan 2023

Youth Empowerment

  • Run workshops
  • Create communication campaigns
  • Influence those in power
  • Jury assignment
  • Role models
Gruppbild på WWF Sweden Youth

The WWF pandas have our backs

  • Adds an element of youth and vitality to the WWF brand
  • Representative on the WWF Sweden Board
  • Representatives on the WWF Sweden Board of Trustees
  • Mutual exchange of knowledge
  • Shared leadership
  • Alumni network


young workshop participants


arenas where we raised our voices


reach on social media


media visibility

Luca Berardi och Ismail Abdullahi i inspelningsrummet för podcasten

Listen to Agenda for all

Check out our podcast “Agenda for all” where we follow podcast hosts Ismail Abdullahi and Luca Berardi from WWF Sweden Youth, on their journey to spread knowledge and inspiration to more young people around the world. Together with international guests, listeners get to take part in honest conversations about how to concretely commit to achieving the global goals by 2030 as well as shedding a light on the hopeful side, too.

Listen on Spotify

Food for a Living Planet – a series for sustainable food choices

Are you curious about how you can make a difference? Do you want to know more about planet-smart food? Are you ready to take on new challenges? – Awesome, be our guest and join WWF Sweden Youth together with influencers as we try to determine what sustainable food actually consists of, at kurs.wwf.se. Tag along as we cook and share knowledge while having a good laugh, both in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Gather your family, association or friends to take this digital and free course on sustainable food choices. Together we can be part of the solution and eat our way to a healthy planet – #Eat4Change.

Check it out


Porträtt av Marianne Nordin

Marianne Nordin

Responsible for WWF Sweden Youth


Porträtt av Kimia Kazempour

Kimia Kazempour

Projektledare för WWF Sweden Youth


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