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WWF & H&M Group: 10 year Result report [2021]


Climate Positive definition

Our world is rapidly changing due to climate change. The private sector has a critical role to play in reducing GHG emissions, and to advocate for all companies to act in line with the Paris Agreement. A group of companies, including H&M Group, have together with WWF developed a first draft of a climate positive framework for a climate positive definition.

Drafting a climate positive framework aims to bring together brands who want a credible, scientific and globally accepted way of becoming a ‘climate positive’ company. The ambition was released during the climate conference COP in 2021.

Committing to climate positive means:

1. Set climate targets for the entire value chain (scope 1-3) aligned with the recommendations from IPCC and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to stay within the 1.5°C trajectory.

2. To advocate clear and uncompromising support to the recommendations of the Paris Agreement, IPCC, the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and relevant sectoral road maps to further accelerate the movement towards a low carbon society. It also includes encouraging sustainable customer purchases and enabling necessary behavioral changes.

3. Not purchase carbon credits (i.e. “offsets”) to delay or replace any needed reductions of greenhouse gas emissions within the value chain (scope 1-3) required to reach the 1.5°C target. Carbon credit purchases should only be made in addition to such efforts to reach net negative emissions. Carbon credits should clearly be stated as a short to mid-term solution and should be reported separately. Meaningful, robust and lasting carbon removals should be realised to fulfil the climate positive ambition.

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