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Climate change, real or not? (ENG)

See climate change from different perspectives.


To see climate change from different perspectives.

Thousands of scientists say that humans are the biggest cause of the current climate change, but there are still sceptics.


  • Access to Internet


  1. Start by letting the students learn more about the subject. Examples of issues can be:
    – What causes the current climate change?
    – What consequenses can we se today?
    – How are people, animals and plants affected?
    – The green house effect is both good and bad. How?
    – How can the carbon cycle be connected to climate change?
    – Key words for internet searches: carbon cycle, photosynthesis, carbondioxide, green house effect, deforestation, climate change, carbon sink.
  2. Search the internet for different views regarding climate change. Try to get arguments from both sides.
  3. Conduct a role play where some are sceptics and some are not. It doesn’t have to be their true views in this role play.
  4. Does this raise reactions? After the role play, sit down and talk about why the students think that the views are so different in this very important topic. What can be gained or lost from different players to claim the existence/non existence of climate change?

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