WWF and Tetra Pak

Successful school competition in recycling

Together WWF and Tetra Pak are working to promote recycling throughout Sweden.

Why we have partnered

WWF believes that the corporate sector can – and needs to – be part of the solution in driving positive environmental change.

With limited natural resources, a changing climate and rapidly declining biodiversity, it is more important than ever that we make use of the resources that today ends up as waste.

Recycling is one important step to utilise used materials such as packaging. Recycling saves materials, energy and carbon emissions – which is a good investment for the future. It also reduces the need for using virgin raw material for producing new packaging.

About the partnership

Together WWF and Tetra Pak are working to promote recycling throughout Sweden. We do this through a school competition called Kartongmatchen (The “Cardboard Match”) which aims to increase recycling and to raise awareness among school Children and Children in preeschool about the importance of recycling. The school competition is going on simultaneously in both Sweden and Finland, all to increase recycling even more. Read more about the competition here: (link in Swedish).


The competition Kartongmatchen started in 2012 and to this day, 245 000 students in Sweden and Finland have been involved in the recycling competition and helped increase recycling so that one-third of all beverage boxes are recycled.

Between 2006-2018 WWF and Tetra Pak worked together in partnership to improve the way that forests are managed, combining WWF’s expertise with Tetra Pak’s influence. Read the summary from last three years (2015-2018) of that partnership in ”Partnership summary” in ”Related content” below.

About Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food and drink processing and packaging company. In 2018, more than 189 billion Tetra Pak cartons were sold in over 160 countries. These cartons are mostly made from paperboard, making Tetra Pak one of the biggest players in the global pulp and paper market.

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Manager Corporate Partnerships


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