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Nyheter|15 sep, 2023


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The WWF Global Arctic Programme based in Stockholm, Sweden is requesting proposals from individual contractors / organizations to provide design services to produce our quarterly magazine, The Circle on an annual basis. The initial contract would involve delivering four issues in 2024.

See previous issues of The Circle.

The Circle is a free publication produced by the GAP. The Circle is published four times a year (approximately March, June, September, December), and each issue focuses on one specific Arctic-related topic.  
At present, The Circle is distributed as an online magazine on our website which receives around 200,000 visits yearly. Our stakeholders include government officials, publicly elected representatives, Indigenous organizations, conservationists, scientists, NGOs, libraries, and business executives.  

The goal of The Circle is to bring together diverse voices and perspectives to inform decision-makers, scientists and the interested public about environmental and development issues facing the Arctic.  The publication invites authors from a variety of sectors and experiences to share their views and expertise on issues and challenges facing the Arctic, particularly considering the rapid change occurring in this unique ecosystem due to the climate crisis.

Using creative storytelling, WWF communications efforts in the Arctic aim to inform, inspire and entertain audiences to activate support for an Arctic that is well-managed, biodiverse and resilient so that this unique ecosystem can support all species and people who live there, and beyond.  

Reporting to the Editor-in-Chief (the Senior Manager, Communications), the Designer will ensure the online layout and accompanying photos, create maps, illustrations and other graphic storytelling elements for each issue of The Circle.  The Designer will also work with a Managing Editor (contracted by the GAP) to ensure the development and delivery of content. 

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