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A good life for everyone on ­ONE planet

Get the students to reflect on how different food and lifestyle can be for different people.


To get the students to reflect on how different food and lifestyle can be for different people.


A big part of the deforestation and water shortage is caused by food production. About 25 % av the global footprint comes from food, and to decrease it, we need to lower our consumtion of meat and also to stop wasting food.


  • Pictures of the two women below
  • A third picture of a voluntary student in the class



  1. Look at the two pictures of the women. Give these persons names and identities. What can you see in the pictures?
  2. Which countries are these women from? Now add the picture of the student. The only diference is that the student can tell you hem/her self.
  3. What do these people do for a living? What do they fill their days with? What do you think their days are like foodwise, what do they eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
  4. What are the similarities and differences between these people, life -and foodwise?
  5. What makes these people happy? What troubles them?
  6. Follow up the conversation with highlights that can be used in future conversations and reflections. Name the highlights ”A good life for everyone on ONE planet”.

This exercise is a variant of an exercise from the material Naturens tjänster, and is featured in the material Mat på hållbar väg.

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