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Educators and trainers

A key person in the implementation of a change of direction in formal education activities is of course the teacher. Therefore we have strengthened their capacities through conducting numerous training courses, including basic and advanced ESD methodologies; green entrepreneurship; and LORET – Locally Relevant Themes, focusing on collaboration between teachers of different subjects in the study of the local environment with a holistic approach.

A core team of trainers has been a successful concept to reach many. The educators have been a key asset in their countries, as wherever they have been transferred they have implemented ESD. The trained educators have helped other educators transform their institutions into ESD Model Schools. We have conducted training courses for student teachers in teacher training programs. If you can make new teachers change their view of education to become more focused on sustainable development, then you have come a long way.

ESD träd i Kamerun

East Africa


Motivated Core Teams of Trainers is guarantee for the effective implementation of ESD in schools. These teams need not only the knowledge and skills as prerequisites but also logistical support and the enabling environment to ensure their effective performance.


Teachers have adopted new and more participatory teaching practices, to the delight of students who are enjoying their learning experience.


Teachers can stimulate learning through fun learning activities inside and outside
the classroom, such as agricultural activities in the school garden and writing poetry
outside the classroom.

Nki National Park

Cameroon Education For Sustainable Development Profile 2011 -2015

A brief history of the implementation of ESD in Cameroon by WWF.


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