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Influence the Future
– Our City 2030

Influence the Future – Our City 2030 is an interdisciplinary work for students in secondary school and high school and aims to give them action competence in the transition to a sustainable society. The work is based on authentic learning and student participation. The students investigate their own city and develop visions and solutions to make the city sustainable by 2030. Not only in terms of ecological sustainability but also socially and economically.

The material is built around action competence; knowledge, motivation, and opportunity to act for sustainable development. It contains facts and activities in four different areas: Biodiversity, Climate and energy, Consumption and waste and Food. All activities are linked to the Sustainable development global goals.
An important part of the work is the so-called Climate Council, where students meet politicians, officials, and other stakeholders to present their ideas and discuss sustainable urban development in general and the future of their own city in particular. The goal is for students to have the opportunity to continue to be involved and be able to influence their city through, for example, citizen dialogue or via a youth council.

Several municipalities in Sweden have worked with Influence the Future – Our City 2030 and held annual climate councils. Both teachers, students and officials express that the work is both important and rewarding.

We often talk about the climate and the global challenges without feeling that it affects us. Here we can work with global issues in our local environment

– Student participating in Influence the Future – Our City 2030

Committed students who were very well-educated. It’s great when adults and students meet in the same forum. Many interesting thoughts were raised.

– City official participating in a climate council

The advantage of working interdisciplinary is to collaborate with other subjects and make the students understand that most things consist of a whole.

– Teacher about working with Influence the Future – Our City 2030

In 2018-2021 Out City 2030 has been implemented in three countries in Africa and on the Philippines. Read more about this here.

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