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Climate Solver – Become an innovator (ENG)

Get the students to think about the future and about problem solving.


To get the students to think about the future and about problem solving.

Every year, WWF rewards innovators that focus on solving issues regarding climate change. The reward is called Climate Solver, and it lifts solutions that can create positive long-term use for future generations.


  • Internet


  1. Work in groups of 3-4 students.
  2. Hand out issues connected to climate change. It is this issue that the students will focus on in their work. For instance:
    – Transport
    – Energy
    – Food consumtion
    – Water shortage
    – Consumtion of stuff
  3. Ask the groups to choose one of the areas above and formulate a problem within the area. The task of the group is then to find a solution to the problem they have formulated.
  4. The students can choose how they want to present their innovation to the class. They can draw it, make a model or a web site etc.
  5. Encourage the students to think freely, but they need to be able to motivate their choices and thought process.

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