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Food – Where does it come from? (ENG)

Contemplate on where food comes from and how it ends up on our plates.


To contemplate on where food comes from and how it ends up on our plates.


  • A lunch plate


  1. Bring a plate of lunch to the classroom.
  2. Name the different ingredients together in the class. Perhaps there are peas, paprika, potatoes or meat?
  3. Write the ingredients on the board.
  4. Work in pairs. Sort the food:
    – What comes from animals and what is from plants?
    – What can be produced in Sweden?
    – What has been produced in other countries?
  5. Tell the class as much as possible about each ingredient. For instance, think about the following:
    – Where is the ingredient from?
    – What does it look like?
    – What has happened to the ingredients from earth to plate?
    – What does it taste like?
    – How has it been cooked?
  6. Each pair joins another pair. Tell each other your results.
  7. Talk together in the whole class. How many countries has taken part in the production of the food that is in front of you?


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