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Hot stove (ENG)

Get the students to air their own opinions about food-related issues.


To get the students to air their own opinions about food-related issues.


  • Chairs (one chair more than the number of students)

Simple statements

  • I like to cook
  • I like pea soup
  • I’ve been to a farm
  • Cultivation is fun
  • Food is important
  • I have milked a cow
  • Pancake is tastier than meatballs
  • It’s important that pigs are happy
  • I have made bread
  • I usually help my family when we choose what to eat
  • I eat healthy food
  • I eat what is on my plate

More advanced statements

  • Consumers have power
  • If you can’t afford eco friendly food, then you can’t afford candy
  • Organic, imported vegetables are better than locally grown conventional vegetables
  • There is no locally made milk in Sweden
  • The food is too cheap
  • It is as important that a pig is happy, as there is with a dog
  • You shouldn’t be able to buy fresh asparagus in December
  • Swedes eat too much meat


  1. Put chairs in a ring.
  2. Ask the students and a leader (perhaps the teacher) to take a seat.
  3. The leader reads the statements below. The ones that agree with the statement then rises and switches seat. The ones that don’t agree stay in their seats and the ones that are unsure stay seated with their arms crossed.
  4. After each question the leader asks some of the students why they chose they way that they did. Leave room for reflection and discussion after each statement.

This exercise comes from the material Mat på hållbar väg.


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