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Food images (ENG)

Get the students to discuss and reflect about food.


To get the students to discuss and reflect about food.


  • Images (page 8-11 in this Powerpoint)
  • More images can be found online


This exercise can be conducted in groups or independently.

  1. Put papers on the floor with the numbers 1-6 on, where 1 represents ”bad for the planet” and 6 ”good for the planet”.
  2. The participants take an image each, contemplate on what the image shows and where it belongs on the scale.
  3. The participants then go to the corresponding number.
  4. Discuss the outcome. How do the students reason about their choices? You can discuss amongst yourselves or with the whole class.
  5. Ask some of the students to motivate how they made their choices. There are no wrong answers here, but the students should be able to motivate their answers.

This exercise comes from the material Mat på hållbar väg.


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